Our comfortable and effective ordering system is proving hugely popular with Schools because it frees up much needed admin time. 

We do everything for you. 

On the day of taking the photos the children will already have the proofs to take home with them. 

All ordering is online and as the photos are sent direct to the parents address, there is nothing more for the school to do. 

We even deal with all the queries via a telephone hotline. 

And at the end of the photo shoot day your school receives all the images for automatically uploading to the database, SIMS, ISAMs or whatever platform the school currently uses. 

It is Admin-free School photography!

It’s what every School deserves.

Will the School gain financially?

We believe in the quality of our photographs.
We will generate higher sales and increase your commission payments .
We guarantee to match any current commission paid to the schools and at a very minimum believe we can increase this by 5%.
As an offer, when you book for 2020 we will guarantee the School a 10% increase
 on commission payment received in 2019.

You Design PACKS

Have a look also at our 'You design packs'

It is a great idea,

 Parents can mix all their photos into one single pack. 

It is something we developed after reading feedback from customers. 

It is built for parents who have for example more than one child and don’t wish to order multiple packs. With ‘Smart packs’ they can combine all the images into one single pack.