Contactless Nationwide Administration-Free School Photography

It's Easy, It's comfortable, It's Online.

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Proofing on the day. 

Photos orders dispatched to parents within 24hrs

 When we say Admin-free we mean Admin-free. We know from our data that traditional methods of school photography involve 20-30 hours of work by the school staff. With our system, after school photography day the school's work is done and we at Lightroom do the rest.

With SIMS/ISAMS and other databases images can be uploaded to the school system the very same day using our Auto-import system.

School Photography that works seamlessly.

Our Feedback

"My children said the photographer was very humorous and helpful, which helped them in getting the
right pose and smiles. Thank you very much. "

"I like the fact you can mix and match" 

  "Much better system. Quick and easy to use. "

" Fantastic photos "

"Brilliant concept, better than the photos being delivered to the school and put in book bags for water bottles to leak all over them! "

"The quality of the photos are amazing & the nicest photos thank you. "

"Loved that I am able to order the photo sizes and amounts that I want rather than having to do packs with lots of wastage. "

" Impressed how the children came home with the photo the day it was taken!"

" Having more than one image and being able to mix the images in packs is a great option."

"Hayley was very helpful with my email enquiry and quick to respond."