Contactless School Photography
Safe, Secure and ready

Available for PDF download below.


Having undertaken extensive research within our industry, and following the DofE and HM Government guidelines, we’re confident that photography can be completed safely.  

We are committed to ensuring the well-being of your pupils, staff, and our team members and will fully comply with the Covid-19 policies you have in place.  

We supply on-line and telephone ordering only, meaning you will not collect orders from parents and carers, or distribute photographs as they will be posted to the pupil’s home address.  

This document will be updated immediately new guidelines or revisions are published.  

Before each photo shoot

- Equipment will be carefully sanitised

- Team members will have their temperature taken and logged  

- We will wear the PPE required to meet DofE and HM Government guidelines and carry anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser


During our visit

- With your guidance, we will take the shortest route to the room where we’ll be photographing, sanitising any surfaces we come into contact with.  

- A minimum 2m social distancing will be maintained at all times  

- Where possible outside windows and doors will be opened  

- The area will be set up in such a way as to ensure that each individual pupil will maintain the recommended social distancing from each other and our team members. A diagram is shown below.

- No contact with your staff or children  

- No props or studio floors will be used  

- Only siblings in the same bubble will be photographed together  

- Family members that do not attend the school will not be photographed  

- Children will be posed standing, from a distance; we will still capture the same natural expressions, however, we may need your assistance with the younger   children  

- All equipment will again be carefully sanitised before we leave


After the photo shoot

Proofs and order forms will be printed and delivered to school the same day, sorted by class and in sealed envelopes, we ask that these are held for 72 hours before being handed to pupils, parents or carers.  

All photographs will be posted to the pupil’s home address. All packing is completed by individuals wearing PPE and adhering to stringent COVID protocols to meet DofE and HM Government guidelines

Lightroom Photography. Safe, Secure and Ready.pdf